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House Training Foster Rescue Dog

House Training Your Foster Dog or Puppy

Below are links to youtube videos that describe how to housebreak your foster dog or your own dog. Basically it comes down to keeping an eye on the dog at all times within your presence. Don’t let the dog have full roam of the house, use baby gates or pens to keep the dog with you.

Take dogs out immediately after being in a crate, after eating, after playing and drinking lots of water. For puppies, their bladders are smaller so they will need to go more often. When you take them out say “Let’s Go Potty” or “Let’s Go Outside” so they will recognize this wording to mean go bathroom outside. Once they have gone outside and have done their business make sure you praise them with a Good Boy/Girl or “Good Potty” and then you can give them a treat when they come in.

If you find accidents don’t discipline them because its already been done. Just clean it up with a good enzyme cleaner such as Nature’s Miracle and keep an eye on the dog. If you see them in action going potty in the house rush them outside and clapping “Let’s Go Potty”. Even if they do not go this is still good practice for the dog to know he should be doing this outside.
*Also take up the water bowl at night so there are no accidents during the night.

Its very important to be diligent with house training to make it work! Consistency is the key and it will happen.

YouTube Videos:

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