We are a group of people that try out best to save as many dogs at RCACP (Regional Center for Animal Control & Protection, Roanoke VA) from being unnecessarily euthanized due to space from constant intake of strays and owner surrenders.
We believe there is a pet for everyone no matter what breed of dog. There are more people than dogs in this world and our goal is to re-home, rescue and find fosters so that these animals can live another day. Finding loving families that will take responsibility and treat as family is all we want for the homeless animals.

RCACP is an open intake municipal pound for 4 local animal control departments (Roanoke City, Roanoke County, Vinton, and Botetourt) and averages 7500-8000 intakes a year.  The city of Roanoke controls the Regional Center of Animal Control & Protection.

The pound (RCACP) has an open intake of animals. Owner surrender pets have a 5 day hold and then based on behavior assessments and space they may move to the PetFinder section listed as adoptable.
The reality is if they aren’t adoptable they maybe be able to hang for a while until their behaviors change or be put to sleep for cage space.
Strays that come in have a hold time of 10 days. They are held for 10 days in case their owners come to retrieve their lost pets. If the owner of the pet does not come the pets may be moved to the PetFinder Adoptable side if favorable behavior assessments and space is available, if not again they may be able to hang out until their behaviors change if time and space permits or otherwise face euthanasia.

It can be a harsh reality that we face when abandoned and lost animals endure and that’s why spay/neuter and the responsibility of pet ownership is very important. Volunteers help greatly to get the adoptable pets re-homed and it makes a difference in the animal lives that otherwise would not have the chance or opportunity to live.

Find out how you can help abandoned animals.


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