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How to Foster

How to Foster. Can You Foster?

Fostering dogs takes a selfless individual or family to give what they can to help out abandoned dogs in need. It can be very rewarding as well as challenging.

There is always something new to learn when fostering a new dog in your home. Depending on your knowledge of dogs either through volunteering, rescue, being an animal lover, or professional dog trainer there is always something new to learn when fostering.

Sometimes it can be a hard way to learn but you eventually learn fast to control the situation. Its also a great way to learn how to rehabilitate any bad behaviors under careful direction and observation.

If you are interested in fostering a dog in need from RCACP you should be an avid dog lover No. 1 and also an experienced dog person. It is suggested that you either know the breed your interested in fostering or know basic dog care  and training. Volunteering at an animal shelter either RCACP or other rescues can give you the experience and confidence to learn if you can handle a particular dog in your home.

Although dogs at RCACP or animal shelters may not exhibit any behavioral problems when you first get them home but after a couple weeks to a month they may get comfortable and start to show some issues. As a foster parent it is your responsibility to tackle these issues to make them the best adoptable dog in town.
Sometimes you have no clue how to fix their problems so you should talk with dog knowledgeable people such as dog trainers, dog behaviorist or you can look up information online for articles and/or videos to find out how.

As a foster parent it is your responsibility (along with the rescue that allowed you to foster through them) to market the dog for a new home of his own…but only when the dog is ready. You should establish a routine immediately with a walk, training, play and affection. Keep him/her on a routine and train them up to become the best pet ever then its time to market them into a new home.

This is a great website about Fostering Dogs that can give a leg up on what most fostering parents find when fostering. Take of it what you will and share the knowledge with new foster parents that may need your help.

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