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Need RCACP Volunteers

RCACP is looking for a few good Volunteers!

Volunteer With RCACP

It takes a village to help the animals at RCACP. Its not their fault that the animals found themselves in a bad situation. It happens! but it doesn’t have to be the end for them. They can live again in a new family, new loving home, a fresh new start.

Some folks say how can you go to the pound and see all those desperate animals that want to get outta there! Most volunteers reply “How can you NOT!” Its not for everyone and we know that but for those that can get in there and give a little sunshine, a walk, talk or a hug you can’t imagine the greatest feeling knowing that you have helped a pet get through another day. The more they get out the better their moods and hopefully get adopted or rescued.

We have various jobs being a volunteer. Most volunteers thrive on the high of walking dogs and seeing how happy the dogs are after getting some attention and exercise but we also need photographers, cat people who can interact with them, people that are web savvy to network animals to rescues, videographers to show the personalities of the pets.

If any of this info sounds good to you as a huge animal lover visit RCACP I Want to Volunteer! or call the volunteer coordinator at 540-344-4922 Ext 300 or email at