RCACP Direct Adoptions

RCACP Direct Adoptions

ADOPT DIRECTLY FROM RCACP! Starting Sept 3, 2013

RCACP is now allowing Direct Adoptions starting Tuesday – September 3rd 2013 for anyone who wishes to adopt a pet. Come on down to RCACP located at 1510 Baldwin Ave, Roanoke VA 24012 (next door to Roanoke Valley SPCA) and meet your perfect match!

  1. Look for your pets HERE–> RCACP Pet Finder
  2. Go see them in person at RCACP 1510 Baldwin Ave, Roanoke VA 24012
  3. Tell the RCACP Staff that you want to adopt a dog or cat (or small animals when available)
  4. Meet & Greets will be set up with your family, dog and an Adoption Counselor
  5. Reference checks will be conducted
  6. Pay the adoption Fee $80/dog or $60/cat
  7. Vetting for Spay/Neuter, vaccinations will be arranged with Mountain View
  8. Pick up pet from Mountain View and live a happy life with your NEW Pet!

Also check RCACP Facebook page for specials that will happen continuously throughout the year such as the New Hope Adoption. The New Hope Adoption specials includes the adoption fee for special events, medically compromised, older animal or animals held longer than 21 days at RCACP. New Hope Adoption (OFFSITE ADOPTION EVENTS) Fee for dogs $30 and cats $20.

Adoption Requests

You can call RCACP at 540-344-4922 EXT 3 to put in an adoption request on an animal or you can download the Adoption Application by printing it, filling it out and having it ready to turn into the front desk:  http://rcacp.org/documents/AdoptionApplicationwithemailbutton.pdf

Adoption Fee Schedule can be found here: http://www.rcacp.org/documents/FeeSchedule.pdf

RCACP hopes that the direct adoptions will be a success. Although direct adoptions is a major step to get good pets into great homes we still need the help of animal rescues to continue to pull animals to safety and provide a foster program.  We appreciate the hard work and dedication of animal rescues and would be lost without them.