Sparky's Chance

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time There was a Dog Named Sparky.

Sparky was abandoned by his owners along with his sibling sister Rusty who were both tethered outside the home. Both came into the pound about a week before Christmas. Rusty was a young 9 month old female pup of mixed breeds but labeled as pit mix, Sparky a 3 yr old male  also labeled as a pit mix but both definitely were not much pit if at all.

When Rusty first came the folks at RCACP said she was aggressive to people and at first she was for a split second but she soon gave it up and became very friendly. The next hurdle for her was getting over her dog aggression. As time went on she actually met other dogs, she became very playful and interested. Rusty was rescued by a shelter in February.

Sparky was always very calm and friendly to staff and volunteers loved him. He had been very patient and calm in his cage never react to other dogs walking by and also did well in dog/dog social test.  Volunteers were constantly networking Sparky and other long timers to find a rescue but everyone was always full or couldn’t take them right now.  Although Sparky was a gentlemen he was rough around the edges when taking for a walk. He always wanted to run and explore. The best the volunteers could do was to walk in the front, back and maybe play ball in the play pen area. He appreciated any time he could get going outside.

During the last two weeks of Sparky’s life he became very unruly and not himself according to staff members at RCACP but to those volunteers that he knew his behavior was no different. Whenever an animal shows any sign of stress or depression they have a limited number of days to get pulled by a rescue if not they face euthanasia. Sparky was put on the urgent list.

Volunteers scrambled to help Sparky by sending urgent emails to rescues and people wanted to help by sponsoring him if a rescue were to pull him. A rescue representative came to evaluate Sparky but could not get too far because he was being unruly because of stress being at RCACP so long. Sparky was coming up to being there over three months. Before he started to break down he had been so very patient waiting for someone to save him and the behavior test he could not withstand with a stranger touching and prodding him. Another trainer came to evaluate Sparky but given his current state he still did not do so well and was very cautious of strangers he didn’t know.

Eventhough he did not do well in his evaluations other people still wanted to help Sparky and there were two families that wanted to help him. One family is a very experienced foster who helps foster dogs straight from the pound successfully. When Sparky met the family and being in the state of mind he was in he could not focus on anything but the child. He did not know how to handle this small creature and seen them as a threat.
In the second separate meeting he met with a couple, still cautious and a little growly he soon warmed up to them as he recognized their good intentions and interest in him. The couple knew how bad he reacted to the child and still wanted to help Sparky because they had bonded with him and knew he needed help. The challenge now is to find a rescue that would pull him to safety of the loving foster home.

There was one volunteer that wanted to help Sparky desperately and searched to find a rescue that would put their faith in Sparky and the foster family. After working tirelessly to find a rescue there was hope that he could be pulled alive. It was all set despite the bad evaluations and the bad reaction to kids there was one rescue that offered to help. The paperwork had been sent and even one last evaluation from a professional dog trainer was scheduled to come and see if Sparky was fit for fostering. All this was done but their was one last catch…now the pound wants the rescue to sign a waiver saying they are responsible in any case Sparky got out and hurt someone. Sadly, the rescue did not want to take responsibility and that was the death warrant for Sparky because it was his last day.

Not only did Sparky lose his life but the volunteer that worked so hard to prove them wrong about Sparky and found the rescue had also been let go as a volunteer due to unproven facts of information on Sparky’s behavior disclosed to rescues.

Emails sent that disclosed Sparky’s behavior at all times. Email addresses and names have been blocked out for privacy.

Email Sent to Rescues 2-21-2013 Before Local Rescue Evaluations
Email Sent to Rescues 2-26-2013 before Local Rescue Evaluations

Email Sent to Rescues 3-8-2013 After Local Rescue Evaluations

Email Sent to Rescues 3-11-2013 After Local Rescue Evaluations and Foster Meet/Greets
Last Email Sent to Rescues 3-12-2013 Always Disclosed information about Sparky on Local Rescue Evaluations and Foster Meet/Greets

I guess the quote “No Good Deeds Goes Unpunished” is true as in the case of Sparky, the volunteer and foster couple who believed in him.

Rest in Peace Sweet Sparky 3-14-2013

3 yr old male, Boxer/Chow mix
3 yr old male, Boxer/Chow mix