Need Help Feeding or Medical Care

Do you need help Feeding your dog or financial assistance with Medical Care?

Feed Me!

If your having difficulty feeding your pet(s) due to financial reasons there is assistance to help you. We all have financial difficulties at one time or another and it is a comforting feeling that their are resources that will help you without giving them up.

The Roanoke Vally SPCA has a program called Pet Eats Too Community Outreach Program. This program helps seniors and low income families to feed their animals. In some cases pet food is delivered to seniors along with Meals on Wheels.

Please contact the RVSPCA if you need help at 540-339-9247 or you may send a message here http://www.rvspca.org/about/contact

Manna Mission Ministries helps feed people in need to help feed pets. Manna Ministries is part of Roanoke Rescue Mission Ministries, 402 4th Street SE, Roanoke, VA 24013. For information on how you can get food for your pets or for your family you can visit this page or by calling 540-343-7227  Email: mission.info@rescuemission.net

Medical Assistance

Sometimes medical emergencies and regular treatment is necessary for our furry family members which can lead to costly vet bills. We all need help sometime and when additional financial burdens lead us to worry and stress, it can be a relief when funding is available.

Below is a link that lists many websites that offer medical assistance to help pay a portion or all of your vet bills depending on the circumstances: