Welcome to Roanoke Adoptable Dogs of RCACP!

Our mission is to inform the public of Adoptable Dogs that are available at RCACP (Regional Center for Control & Protection) and provide resources to new owners, rescues or fosters on pet care.

There are good pets at RCACP that need a second chance to live, love and learn in a good family home.

Click Here to See Adoptable RCACP Dogs

Click on Adoption Search – Choose A Species – Click “Search For Animal To Adopt” button for results.

For information about adopting a dog contact the Adoption Coordinator at 542-344-4922.

If you are interested in adopting an animal, RCACP hours for adoption are 11:30-5:30 Monday-Saturday. You may also submit an Application by email.  Adoption requests are accepted by telephone; 540-344-4922. You must submit an application along with your request to hold your place in the order requests are received.

For info to Rescue a dog contact the Rescue Coordinator at 540-344-4922  or email Libby Carden at ecarden@rcacp.org



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